Therapeutic Magnetic Bracelets and Anklets

Our magnetic bracelets and anklets are  made using very high-powered magnets (approx. 2,000 gauss in each magnet). We use the finest quality materials available, including picture jasper gemstones, hematite, diamond cut aluminum, crystals, and high-grade elastic cording that is very difficult to break under normal use.

We have been making and selling magnetic anklets and bracelets for over 25 years, and have seen remarkable results.  Our experience shows us best results come when you wear your bracelet or anklet all day and all night. They will not rust or tarnish.  You can swim in them, bathe in them, sleep in them. 

Before ordering, please measure your wrist or your ankle at the smallest area then add 1/2 inch to get the correct size.  Example: if your wrist measures 6 inches, you should order a 6 1/2 inch bracelet.  Same with your ankle, if it measures 9 inches, order a 9 1/2 inch anklet.